Monday, December 26, 2011

“Why, George… you’re worth more dead than alive.”

   Christmas has come and gone, yet the kitchen counter is still full of treat and goodies that friends made and cared to share.  Christmas cookies are my biggest weakness during this time of year.  They're so simple in their construction, yet so incredibly good!  Because of this, I've started my own Christmas tradition, that is to eat them all at once, get 'em out of sight, so I won't be tempted later.  Another tradition is to watch  "It's a Wonderful Life".  Why I only watch this during the final days leading up to Christmas is still a mystery.  For the longest time I saw myself as George Bailey, a man who had planned his whole life out, yet was continually thrown roadblocks that kept him from pursuing his dreams.  As the world and all those around him, seemed to move ahead, he was stuck in Bedford Falls.  As the movie goes and with the help of Mr. Potter, he comes to the conclusion, that maybe he's worth more dead than alive.  More times than I care to remember, I've felt this exact way.  I too was lost in my own little Bedford Falls.  All the while not realizing that I WAS moving forward, that I DO make a difference, and that within me laid dormant the potential for something good.

   Now that I've been deemed "an artist", I was commissioned to do 3 drawings as xmas gifts, as well as edit a music video.  Hard work, yes, especially the video, but I managed to complete them all with absolutely no time to spare. In fact, the video was edited and uploaded to youtube late on it's Christmas Eve deadline.  I'm not complaining mind you.  I absolutely love the creativity!  But then on December 25th something strange happened, I had my "Zuzu's petals" moment.  I heard how the video and the drawings were received..., the recipients wept, they actually wept.  Wow!  How could my work have such a reaction on others?  I was just going through the motions, head down, working hard and barreling through the process.  How in the world could I produce something that causes people to have an immediate emotional attachment to upon first glance?  Maybe, just maybe, my purpose isn't to travel the world with nothing but my belongings in a steamer-trunk.  Maybe it isn't to build high-rise buildings and elaborate bridges, but maybe it's to bring pleasure to others through my drawings, through my creativity.  I've always enjoyed giving my drawings to others and seeing the pleasure in their eyes, but this time their eyes glistened with tears.  How remarkable the act of serving others. 

Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!

                                                   The Christmas Trio

plus the music video "Leather Bound" -

P.S.  I believe everyone has a guardian angel.  Even George Bailey had one.  But I believe I have two, two angels that watch over me, that guide me and most of all..., inspire me. 

Dear Rhianna and Mike
Remember..., no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the wings!

Love, Mike

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  1. Wow...this made me cry. You have a beautiful way with words as well as an amazing talent for putting pencil to paper and bringing it to life! Your drawings not only capture the life of the subject, but YOUR heart and soul as well. That's what amazes me! Beautiful post. You're an angel to many :)